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Services Offered:

CD / DVD  / Video Game Disc Repair - We have a professional grade disc repair machine capable of removing 99% of scratches - $2.99 per disc ($1.99 per disc for 10 or more discs)
Vinyl record cleaning - Our Okki Nokki vacuum cleaning machine can remove the stubborn dust and dirt that has lived in your records' grooves for years - $2.99 per record and includes a new inner sleeve. 
NES (Nintendo 8-Bit) console repair - New pins installed, cleaned and tested. Stop that annoying green / grey / blue flashing screen - $24.99 parts and labor. 
Gameboy / GB Advance battery replacement -  That old Pokemon game won't save? Let us fix that. We can also replace the battery in any SNES that has one - $9.99 parts and labor. 
Button making - we can make custom 1" pin back buttons for your band, business or event. minimum order of 20 buttons. Click here for details.
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